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Three Companies in One

You surely know the three branches: public relations, journalism and advertising. And probably, as problems multiply, your budget shrinks. You understand the differences between each communication tool, and take from each what serves your goals best. Now you can also have an agency that works like you. Call us.

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A Different Story

Verb is a communications company that strives to build an emotional connection between advertisers and its customers. The Internet is, without a doubt, the most important means of communication. Our vision is to make it the most effective one as well.

As always, ideal communication gets underway when audiences decide it is well worth their time. We believe that is the extraordinary opportunity online communication—including different mobile systems—affords us today.

To reach our vision, advertisers, media and technology need to coordinate their work in a new manner. Our company is devoted to developing this innovation. We begin by questioning the current manner in which advertising agencies, the media and public relations agencies employ technology. But we also call into question the role technology reserves for communication. The search for that balance is the next chapter in the evolution of communications.

To write our story, and do it beautifully, we chose a special typeface: Doves Type, with a story that sums up the interlocked nature of communications and technology. Join Verb to write a new future.

VicaVictor Aimi
Formerly Communications Director, Microsoft Latin America


FeDe Small-ByN

Federico Helman
Vice President
Head of Federico Helman Comunicación & Media Marketing


AvoAvo Hadjian
Editor in Chief
Formerly Editor with Wall Street Journal/Dow Jones, Bloomberg and CNN


Gain New Markets

Verb Company can help your company gain new markets, with a combined strategy of public relations, advertising, and journalism that best adjusts to your business. That was the case with Knauf International GmbH, one of the biggest drywall makers in the world.

German group Knauf has a presence in more than 70 countries, 26,000 employees, and 6.4 billion euros in sales globally. Thanks to 15 years of experience working with Knauf in Argentina, Verb had the opportunity to help the group establish its presence in new markets of Latin America, which included a series of acquisitions of production plants and gypsum mines in Colombia, Chile, and Honduras.

Verb created a communications master plan with the goal of turning Knauf into the referent of the drywall sector in Colombia. The master plan detailed specific goals for different target audiences in the country, including strategies in public relations, advertising, and journalism.

Public Relations


Introducing Knauf to the business community and the general public in Colombia, arranging interviews of the general manager of the affiliate, Miguel Rangel with Colombian media, including El Tiempo, the biggest circulation newspaper in the country. Cultivating a continuous relationship with influencers and journalists. Similar work was done for the company’s new affiliates in Chile and Honduras.


New World

Advertising campaigns, both institutional and of products for print media and TV in Argentina, Chile and other Latin American markets. Assistance in stand design and presence in trade fairs. Promotional ads for Knauf Academy, the branch of the company that trains workers and customers in drywall construction and the use of its products.





Sociedad ArqPreparation of original news content for influential media outlets such as the website of the Society of Colombian Architects, the magazine of the Colombian German Chamber, as well as press reports about the company’s expansion in Chile as part of international and local coverage, including an article featured in El Financiero, the biggest financial newspaper in the country. The company’s entry in Honduras was featured in El Heraldo, the country’s largest newspaper, as part of our local coverage campaign.

What is the communication your company needs? Call us to gain new markets together.