Online Content

Verb is both words and actions

Each aspect of the communication process is based on words, and each of the process’s various forms trigger specific actions for the public, and the consumer.

At Verb, we combine strategic plans, digital articles and multimedia content so that your firm’s messages are unique and help you realize your business goals.

Verb is both the medium and the message

Every aspect of communication has its own distinct purpose and defining which medium will best advance your goals is crucial to any communications plan.

Sometimes, the goal is to sell a product, while at other times it is to persuade or inform. Some messages require 140 characters. Others require several minutes of audiovisual presentation.

Creating pieces that are professionally crafted by a team of communications experts is essential to making the most of each medium and to capturing the attention of a range of audiences.

Verb speaks to audiences and to the market

Every year, countless new communications platforms and tools come to the market. It can be overwhelming — and it can be difficult to assess each medium’s effectiveness.

Through our market intelligence reports, research projects and results evaluation reports, we provide accurate and specific tools to learn more about niche markets and their corresponding target audiences.

Verb is both a team and a network

We are a group of qualified professionals, each with vast experience in our respective fields and a huge network of contacts around the world, forged through decades of skilled and reliable work.

Our business hubs in Miami, Venice and Buenos Aires give us access to widespread markets across North America, Europe and Latin America.

We make the most of digital media to connect with customers and partners around the world and to form a solid team that taps into the full potential of local talent in order to bring an international scope to every project.